Front fork dust boots
Kick Start Knuckles 27
and 29 spline
airboot for 250 Super
Pioneer, 350
Mountaineer/Super Pioneer
Exhaust thread repair
sleeve for damaged
exhaust port threads
250 Phantom airboot
fits 74-77
new and restored
IRZ carburettors
cush-drive shaft puller
new lever assemblies
and lever covers
New performance exhaust
pipe for 74-75 250 Phantom
almost all decals and stickers
to detail your machine like new
swing arm bushings to fi all models
new upgraded connecting
rod kits to eliminate a
"weak linK" in the original
engine design/manufacture
Hi-performance pistons are
available along with stock
new shift levers for
Pioneer and
Stiletto/Pioneer are
for early "small" crank engines
Decal kits that include the tank and
fender stripes are available for
many models.  1974 Phantom tank
and fenders shown on finished parts.
for later "big" crank engines
"cat quick and tiger tough"
Please excuse our mess, this page is
still under construction.