Ossa has had a long history of racing, from the Grand Prix road racing in the 50's and 60's to the ISDT entries
from 1952 'till 1977 there has always been some involvement with competition.
Ossaplanet continues the racing heritage, currently with Scott "the Burner" Burnworth riding the #8 machine
(1974 Phantom "special") and Keith Lynas on the #67 machine
David Fisher piloting a Phantom
to win at Sandhill Ranch
Scott Blakley Riding
an Ossa Phantom for
his first time to a
fourth place at Perris
July 2008
Jim Beauchamp using a Phantom
to win his class at Carlsbad 1997
Marty Moates at the
Spanish Grand Prix on a
1977 Phantom GPIII
Marty Moates getting the holeshot at
Anahiem supercross 1977 on a
Phantom GPII
Keith Lynas on a 1974 Phantom at
Barona Speedway TT with a 17 second
lead over second place Sal Peluso and
his beautiful Trackmaster Triumph 750
The ultimate machine, Santiago Herrero's factory monocoque chassis "Rototivo" by  
Ossa , 250cc rotary valve rocket-ship, this was raced as both air and watercooled
Marty Tripes
Marty Moates
Scott Burnworth
Marty Smith
David Fisher
Ron Melton
Bill West
Tim Nash
Jesse Cassillas
David Aldana
Jim Beauchamp
Chris Draayer
Coon Scratch
Edwin Lowenberg
Mike Glenn
Alan Woods
Scott Blakeley
Vic Curti
Sal Peluso
Keith Lynas
Brad Roysdun (Ossa 181) and Brian
Miller (Hus 88) starting at Barona
Brad, Keith and Norm waiting for the gate to
A list of riders that have raced
an Ossaplanet Phantom
"Cat Quick & tiger tough"
New 250 Champion the "Burner" showing
how it is done at Perris with another two
moto sweep on "White Lightning".
"she's a bear"
Marty Tripes wins 3 motos racing another
Ossaplanet Phantom