"Cat Quick and Tiger Tough"
"The World of OSSA"  
Welcome to Keith Lynas'
"reliability above all"
"she's a bear"
The Machines                                     
OSSA motorcycles were manufactured in Spain from 1949-1985 in Barcelona, by Manuel Giro and his family.

motorcycles were somewhat unknown in many parts of the U.S. (AND THE WORLD!) in the 1970's and are less-known
today. Since it has been 19 years since a machine came off the assembly-line, parts, and support can be difficult to find.
Some of the models that where manufactured and sold are: Pioneer, Stiletto, Plonker, Wildfire,TT Stiletto, Six-Days Replica, Dick
Mann Replica, Mick Andrews Replica, Sport, Phantom, Desert Phantom, Super Pioneer, Explorer, Mountaineer, B.L.T. Plonker,
Phantom Enduro, ST-1, Fuego, Tu-Yo, Copa, Verde, Urbe, 500SS, Trial 80 (Yellow Gripper) among others, and had
displacements of 50, 100, 125,160 175,230,250,303,350(310cc), and 500cc
Marty Moates (RIP) 4-28-01 Sears
Point Raceway riding a Keith Lynas
prepared "special" 1974 OSSA
Phantom to victory over Brad Lackey
and Jaraslov Falta and their "special"
CZ's (400 and 250 respectively)
More Fun                                             
Vintage racing events like: moto-cross, Flattrack, Road racing, Cross Country are gaining momentum with the addition
of machines up to and beyond (in some cases) 1987 year models, and should continue to get stronger. Parts and
service for OSSA motorcycles are available, along with modifications for performance, reliability, and appearance.
Once you have ridden one, you will understand....Cat quick, and Tiger tough.....like no other.
Complete engine rebuilding, and building/blueprinting service available, for extra performance, and added reliability
Keith Lynas photo
1971 Stiletto TT Scrambler  250
"TT Special"
1971 Stiletto MX Scrambler
1971 Stiletto MX Scrambler
Steve Crower photo
Scott "the Burner" Burnworth is shown
taming another Keith Lynas prepared
"special" 1974 Phantom at Barona
raceway and getting the job done.
"Put a little luck on your side"
Marty Moates (RIP) getting a
holeshot at the 1976 Anahiem
superccross on a factory 1976 1/2
Phantom GPII
OSSA became very well known for building superb trials machines during the sixties and seventies.
With development help from works riders Mick Andrews and Dave Thorpe the production versions were smooth, stable,
accurate, sharp steering,light and responsive all good traits.
These are some of the many trials machines that OSSA built.
1974 Mick Andrews Replica (M.A.R.)
1972-1973 Mick Andrews Replica (M.A.R.)
1969-1970 Plonker trial 250
1976 B.L.T. Plonker (Bolger Long
Travel) utilizing Joe Bolger's
revolutionary new patented rising
rate suspension system.
1974-1975 Explorer 250
1975-1976 350 Mick Andrews
Replica (M.A.R.)  
1977-1979 250/350 Verde
1983-1985Trial 03
1980-1983 TR-80 Yellow Gripper
1968-1969 Plonker trial 230
New for 2010, the Ossa
factory is rising from the
ashes, a new trials
machine was shown to
the public  in Milan on
11-10-09 and it appears
to be bristling with new
technology, this should
be very interesting.
water cooled, inverted cylinder, case-reed
 induction, fuel injection, hydraulic clutch,
compact gearbox very low C.G.
Photos courtesy trial-club.com
Scott Burnworth wins both motos at Perris
raceway riding a new version of Phantom.
S.B.R. (Scott Burnworth Replica) 4 will be available in 2010